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How to Modernize Your Home’s Walls

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How to Modernize Your Home’s Walls
How to Give Your Home’s Walls a Contemporary Look

Modernizing your home’s walls might be easier than you think. Whether you want to bring an older home out of an earlier decade or update your walls with a more contemporary look with a gallery wall thanks to digital photo printing, there are simple steps you can take to make your walls look modern.

Tear Down the Wallpaper

Your first step is to take down wallpaper, especially if it’s dated. You will want to avoid having textured walls, as that has fallen out of style, and you might want to sand down walls if needed so they are smooth. This will prepare you for the next step.

Change the Paint

If you have torn down wallpaper, you might have a blank slate. Otherwise, you are going to work with the color you currently have, and you might need to paint over it a few times. You will want a restrained palette for your new wall color to match your furniture and other stylings. High contrast, such as white and black, can help give the modern feel. The key is a simple, neutral palette.

Use Metal Prints

Do you have a photograph that you want to put on your wall, but don’t want a frame, for a more contemporary look? Try using metal prints. With metal prints, your digital photographs are printed directly onto metal, and the right service will create beautiful final products with exceptional printing techniques. This can give your wall a cool, modern look.

Go Frameless with Canvas Prints

Canvas prints can be modern and give a contemporary look to your wall. A frameless canvas print that appears to be floating on the wall, held by a bar, gives a slim profile while being very modern. Canvas prints in a minimalist frame can also be very modern, giving a slim, sleek look while adding a hint of styling. Either way, you can give your wall a modern look with an update to the classic canvas.

Keep It Simple

The key is to keep it simple. Remember, a canvas print with a small, subtle frame is preferred over large wooden frames. Minimalist styling is very modern and having an overdone wall can be too much. If you are making a gallery wall of digital photo prints, keep the color palette consistent and leave plenty of negative space. Experiment with the positioning of a few digital photo prints, or create a focus point for the room with a large a piece of elegant art.

Create a Focal Point

As with many design guidelines, there are exceptions. For example, taking a series of photo prints and sweeping them in a curve on the wall is a clever way to present a variety of photos at once. This, however, should be the focus of the wall and there should be little or nothing else on that wall. This also applies to shaping a collection of photos, such as in a heart. With this as the focal point of the wall, it won’t look cluttered, but rather contemporary.