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Make Everyday Memories Special with EZ Prints

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Make Everyday Memories Special with EZ Prints

In an age of social media, people have become accustomed to taking photos for any occasion, no matter how ordinary it may seem. It might be a moment laughing with friends over a silly joke at dinner, an impromptu selfie with a significant other, or a candid shot of your siblings chatting at a family gathering. Sometimes these everyday snapshots turn out to be cherished memories.

Treasured memories deserve to be immortalized in a high-quality, tangible way outside the social media feed. Not only can we provide you with stunning Photo Prints, but we can also create a variety of products that display those images in fun, sentimental, or decorative ways. Below are a few distinctive ways you can show off your favorite candid photos around your home.

Textile Photo Prints

What better way to carry a fun memory with you than on a blanket or beach towel that you can literally carry with you? EZ Prints offers both blankets and towels printed with your favorite photos to add a clear personalized touch to a picnic at the park or visit to the pool. As an added bonus, you never have to worry about mixing up your beach towel with someone else’s!

Canvas Photo Prints

Turn everyday memories into beautifully stylish decorative pieces by displaying them as Canvas Prints. A candid shot of friends laughing takes on a vintage look when you have it printed in black and white on a wrapped canvas print. If you have a number of photos from one particular occasion, you can display them as framed canvas prints of various sizes in a collage on a wall you want to highlight in your home.

Photo Prints on Mugs and Coasters

Can anyone really ever have enough coffee mugs? Add to your collection of drinkware by printing a photo of you and your significant other on a magic mug, which slowly reveals the photo when you fill the cup with coffee, tea, or any hot liquid. Of course, you need someplace to rest that mug when you set it down, and a set of customized stone coasters from EZ Prints is a fashionable, yet durable way to do that.

Metal Photo Prints

A sleek metal-backed photo can improve any industrial or minimalist décor. The Metal Prints from EZ Prints add real style to an end table, bookcase, or desk. If you prefer to hang your photos, consider the 11x14 or 12x18 prints, which come with a wall mount back.